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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  December 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balance and unafraid. a busy busy news day. we expect it to be a busy news week. we got you covered. "jesse watters primetime" starts, you know what? he starts early. 10 seconds early. >> jesse: that would be a first if you stop talking. thank you so much. [laughter] >> jesse: merry christmas. >> jesse: the crime wave just got personal. nope, i wasn't assaulted. my nose just looks like this. but i was violated. the peace and sanctity of my idyllic y upper side was. i have several celebrity neighbors including all of me were targets all of us could be targeted at any time. i was returning from my physical therapy appointment in the add strong of reporters outside a town house around the corner from my place. what was this about, i thought to myself? which celebrity neighbor of mine
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were they staking out? was it spike lee? was it al sharpton? s would it ramona from the real housewives? these are all people i wrigley see out at italian restaurants or waiting in line at the pharmacy. i will let you guess ohio usually see waiting in line for their prescription. in fact, ricky gervais pet rookied other day while emma was walking him. these are the casual type of celebrity interactions that you learn to take for granted. the innocence of my humble stomping ground was taken from me when i heard the news. >> in new york city there is n news thiews evening involving actor robert deniro the break-in at his home overnight. >> jesse: robert deniro, those of us who see him around town we just call him bobby was kind of like family. had i ever been to his town house? no. did i even know he lived there at all? no. in fact i was hurt that he never seen me at the bakery and invited me over. i then learned deniro didn't own
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the town house renting it for a mere $70,000 a month. you would think a place like that would have better security. it's about as insecure as paulie p.'s town haas appointly. perhaps less. so it doesn't matter if deniro was home. which he was, he was sleeping upstairs. how did the toughest actor in hollywood handle the break-in? i don't know, much to my surprise we learned that deniro never woke up. the nypd arrested the robber while he was rummaging through christmas presents found fumbling with ipad. deniro's daughter was home at the time. this happened around 2:30 in the morning. if robert deniro isn't safe? no one is safe. who's next? jean-claude van damme going to get pickpocketted? where does this end? luckily police were on the scene and saw t the burglar breaking n
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and captured her in the act. that's right, her. this is the face of america's crime wave. chanise emales. this was in the her first break in. out on bail from a robbery committed two weeks ago. thanks to the lovely bail reform package that the democrats passed. this clepto was raging a war on christmas throughout new york city. not only pilfering present under celebrity's trees pinching church donations during sunday mass. this year alone she has been busted 16 times for burglary. chanise has been arrested 26 times in total. here is chanise in her own words. >> chanise, anything you want to say to your son. >> i didn't murder anybody. >> anybody you want to say. >> i didn't murder anybody. >> did you go into robert deniro's house? >> i didn't go in robert deniro's house. >> technically she is right on both counts. she did not murder anybody and was not robert deniro's house.
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he was renting it. but this is the point. if this wasn't raging bull's town house, we wouldn't have known about chanise. you don't hear about all the crimes that are committed against regular people. producer told me about her brother who was mugged why a gang of teens. they approached him, acting like they were armed. you know, the old finger in the pocket move, and demanded money. he didn't have any money but he just had gotten back from the deli. all he had on him was an italian sub. they took 9 sub, by force, and he went home without dinner. local news didn't cover it. abc didn't even touch it. but "primetime" does. because, to us, there's no difference between robert den do and my producer's hungry brother. whether christmas presents, italian subs or donation boxes, all crimes are created equal. my neighborhood is forever changed because this hit so close to home and because i'm so
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dedicated i visited the crime scene of my good friend bobby today. here i am putting down some shoe leather. i'm standing exactly where chanise stoled before this little faulker started breaking. if deniro had been awake, i can only imagine what would have happened. >> piece of cake offering. >> sorry. come on, man. [laughter] >> they came for bobby. the neighborhood is not safe for waters world anymore. we are packing our things and we are moving to new jersey. let's turn to rob o'donnell. he is a retired nypd detective
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who joins me now. so this is a nice neighborhood. the nypd was on this woman. she is a serial pilferer and they tracked her to, as i said, my friend's bobby town house, which he has never invited me. to say that's fine. they caught her in the act. i mean, if this can happen to him, this can happen to anybody. what are we going to do about this? >> well, burglaries citywide almost up 24%. here is a career criminal. it 26. mostly burglaries. skipped out on court ordered drug program. here she is breaking into someone's house with their 10-year-old child sleeping upstairs. if this was not just a property crime individuals. this was a violent criminal looking to hurt someone okay have had another tragedy on your hands. violent crime is up 33% citywide. >> so, if the judge sees this woman getting get in front of his bench, and he doesn't give
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any bail, he just lets her out and says you go to drug rehab, he is looking at a rap sheet a mile long. drug rehab? what is he thinking? >> unfortunately, our great legislators in albany have tied the hands of our judges. as you can he so the police department is actively out there. what is ironic about it they call it the public safety team. these individual were the old street crime, old anticrime labeled as the bad police officers in new york city. this is what they do. they are letting the police be the police. they have relabeled them. they are tracking these criminals. the 19th precinct tells me one of the top five burglary suspects this year. that's what they're out there pursuing and taking off the street. they have taken her off the street 26 times. >> jesse: what's the mentality of nypd if they keep arresting the same people and rearrest them day after day? >> it's frustrating and that's why you are seeing a mass exodus of the nypd. seeing the lack of recruitment to come back to the nypd. you have a mayor who touted
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himself as a former police officer who never did -- i worked with eric adams in the transit police in the 1990s. he does not have the skill set to lead a police department like he portrayed during his campaign. >> jesse: what was adams like when you worked with him back in the day? >> well, he was really good at sitting at his desk. i don't believe he has more than a handful of arrests for his 20-year career where are, you know, your active officers have four and 500 arrests. i think that speaks for itself. >> jesse: that's interesting. i bet a lot of people didn't know that rob, thank you so much for joining us. >> no problem, jesse. >> jesse: the most dangerous job a cop has the traffic stop. anything could go wrong at any moment like in santa ana, california where a career criminal again tried to pull a gun on police during a stop. watch this. >> stop reaching around? put your hands on the dash. put your hands on the dash, dude. on the dash. [inaudible] >> mess up. >> stop tucking your hand into
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the side. okay? hey. stop reaching around. dude. hey. he has got a gun. [gunfire] >> jesse: that suspect alejandro was shot dead once he pulled out that firearm. he had a warrant out for being a felon in possession of a firearm and a narcotics violation plus a rap sheet including robbery with a firearm assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. and thank god those officers are okay. the border blowing up under joe biden. horrific scenes unfolding, why isn't ao wearing a white pants suit and weeping? instead she is watching world cup soccer. >> yes!
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>> title 42 going to remain in place for now. without it, we are bracing for a massive surge of illegals at the border which no one was ready to handle. things are already a stacy are. particular woe lost count how many bus loads of migrants have been sent here. the numbers must be staggering because mayor eric adams is panicking. the city is using all of its money on housing on illegals. now is he warning that cuts for new yorkers could be coming. so, services for tax paying americans are going to get cut in order to help the migrants. whatever happened to that great tent city? doesn't seem right. but, it's nothing compared to what people in the border towns
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are dealing with for nearly two years. those towns have been rocked. thanks to joe biden. but, wait a second. the media says this isn't a biden problem. this is a republican problem. >> you talk about open borders. i don't think i have ever heard president biden say we have an open border, come on over. but people i have heard say it are you, are former president trump, or ron desantis. that message reverb united states in mexico and beyond. so, they do get the message that it is an open border and smugglers use all those kind of statements. >> jesse: wait. she doesn't remember biden telling migrants to come on over? well, let's refresh her memory. >> i would, in fact, make sure that there is -- we immediate surge to the border all those people who are seeking asylum.
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they deserve to be heard. that's who we are. we are a nation that says if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression, you should come. >> jesse: i don't know about you, but that sounds like a warm welcome. and when we talk to some of those migrants this summer, they weren't saying thank you, republicans. what were they saying again? >> what is your message to joe biden? >> we are completely greatful for the opportunity that he has given us thanks for the support to us coming here. we were happily welcomed thanks to biden, the president. >> they are not thanking governor abbott, are they? what about those t-shirts they made when biden first took office? biden, please let us in? that doesn't say greg abbott, please let us in. they knew the biden presidency was their ticket here and now that they are here, the facilities are overwhelmed. this serenity was made to house 1,000 illegals. put it up right there. right now it's holding 4,000. where is aoc?
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i remember her crying her eyes out in front of that detention center when trump was president. i wonder what she is up to now? >> with his kick. [cheers] >> yes! yes! woo! >> jesse: she is recording herself watching the world cup. i'm sure she has got a perfectly good explanation, you know, maybe the pantsuits is at the dry cleaners. lindsey graham is a south carolina senator and member of the judiciary committee. so it's your fault. you can't say the border is open. that's what's causing the historic surge. you better watch your mouth. >> number one, i don't think it's what i'm saying. i think it's what biden did. any kind of we went from the lowest illegal crossings when trump was president to the highest of all time. this is why nobody cares about the mainstream media anymore to suggest that this wave of
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illegal immigration has to do with republican rhetoric versus biden policy is just ridiculous. and here's the good news. president biden could change this with a stroke of a pen. i'm calling on president biden tonight to reinstate title 42 by executive action. that's one thing to do. number two, i will introduce a bill, you get behind it, president biden, we will get 80 votes in the senate to make it a statute. you have the power to reimpose his policy if you choose. he is choosing to allow title 42 authority to go away. he is choosing to allow the number of illegal immigrants to come into our country to double. he is choosing that. >> jesse: what are they wearing? are those -- looks like aluminum foil blankets? >> yeah. >> jesse: what are we doing with those blankets? tell me they are not just aluminum foil. >> they're aluminum foil trying to keep people wrong. a democratic congressman, republican congressman spoke
4:20 pm
this weekend about it's just absolute chaos along the border. there are facilities build for 200 people. 500 to 700. where is aoc? you want to tack look at a humanitarian nightmare go to our border. i can't believe the president of the united states has not visited the border. he is the commander-in-chief, you have got the governor of california, a democrat who went to the border and said if we repeal title 42, you'll destroy california. you have got the mayor of new york city, a democrat, suggesting if title 42 is changed, it will overwhelm new york city. where's the commander-in-chief, jesse? this is no longer funny. this is no longer a joke. el paso has declared a state of emergency. 1,000 pounds ever fentanyl have come across this broken border. the border is not open. it's been obliterated by the policies of biden. he has surrendered the border. where is the commander-in-chief when it comes to this crisis? >> he is doings interviews with drew berry moore we will have that later in the show how he tried to propose to jill bind five times before she said yes.
4:21 pm
you know at least senator, they are wearing masks. see all these people lined up in the country from god knows where. they are wearing masks that's what is important. this title 42 thing, isn't biden trying to scalp it. >> yeah. so here's the deal. the supreme court is going to hear a case involving republican attorney generals trying to keep the policy in place. what are we talking about? title 42 authority allow us the united states to deport people based on a covid problem without a whole lot of, you know, delay. it is a tool that actually works. there are thousands ever people waiting for it to expire. we will double the number of illegal immigrants in about 48 hours because people are waiting for title 42 to go away. the president of the united states could by a stroke of the pen keep the policy in place or he could ask people in congress to pass a law to reinstate title 42 is he choosing not to do. they is choosing to allow illegal immigration to double in 48 hours.
4:22 pm
>> jesse: it's a choice. >> it's a choice. >> jesse: that's exactly what is wrong with the situation. is it doesn't have to be like this. senator graham, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> jesse: new twitter files just dropping. turns out twitter was one big intelligence operation. and, later, "primetime" goes christmas shopping. >> i don't want -- don't be -- don't do. this i don't want to do that.
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♪ >> jesse: elon musk just dropped part 7 of the twitter files today and there is a trove of documents that prove the fbi was at the center of the biggest free speech breech in u.s. history. the one that put joe biden in the white house. when the "new york post" came out with the 2020 october surprise. the fbi rushed to tell twitter the lie and say hunter's laptop was just a part of a russian hack and leak op. what proof did they have? none. but they dumped 10 documents
4:28 pm
into twitter's mailbox the night before the post released itenne, poof, twitter censored the biggest of the election. the fbi gave him orders and they followed. they had nothing to base it off of, either. they are on record telling the feds they couldn't find any russian activity on twitter. just a few bots. but twitter censorship chief still did it anyway. why? let's ask him. >> i didn't need to do it if it's a question of people getting killed that's one thing. this is just hunter biden, right? so why did they act then? >> look, when you're -- when you're weeks out from an election, when you seen what happened in 2016 and seen the immense political and regulatory pressure to focus on election integrity to address maligned interference and when you feel a responsibility to protect the integrity of the conversations on the platform from foreign governments expending their resources to interfere in an election, um, there were lots of reasons why the entire industry
4:29 pm
was on alert. >> jesse: yeah. but the fbi wanted more. they started asking twitter to give update that on the users. they wanted people's locations in real time. it was at this point twitter pushed back saying they couldn't share it outside the normal legal channels without a warrant but the fbi just kept hammering forward anyway. even twitter censorship chief felt a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. he was telling other executives he was frankly perplexed by the fbi's request. didn't matter twilter was swarming with feds. they had 80 fbi agents in and out of their offices, plus, 15 former fbi agents working for them like their top lawyer, james baker, a former fbi lawyer who had his hands all over the russian collusion hoax and tried to white wash any of these documents for coming out. he got caught and got canned but basically, the fbi owned
4:30 pm
twitter. and the agent making all these demands his name was elvis chan and he bragged about it. >> describe how the fbi has really martialled forces since 2016 in preparation for where we are now. >> so there are a lot of different things we are doing but i will limit it to a couple of things. so i think one of the things that was really important to us that we didn't have ahead of 2016 was established channels of communications with private sector companies, specifically social media companies. so we have done a much better job since 2016 of really establishing channels of communication being able to share threat indicators with them so that they can protect their platforms. that's really one of the good things that we have done. >> feds bullied these nerds into hijacking the election and then they bragged about it. and the feds were everywhere. they are swarming around facebook. are you ready? at least 115 people, former intel agents work at facebook. 115 intel guys the load on
4:31 pm
facebook's misinformation team behrman was an a cia spoof for 17 years. goal was the same out of washington and get biden in. they got their way. biggest october surprise in u.s. history was covered up. now we have a compromised president in the white house and the feds are still there. let's turn it over to ben weingarten, a senior contribute at the federalist. so this is deeper than we even imagined. >> yeah, absolutely, brian. you opened by talking about the street crime that people were able to commit with total impunity and then look at thought crimes. thought crimes you have the fbi, s zimplet a and every single other agency under the gun working hand in glove with big tech, stenographers in the media further ginning up mismall information to eviscerate the first amendment.
4:32 pm
it's a conspiracy to eviscerate the first amendment to consolidate power. when yoel roth talks about what happened in 2016. what happened in 2016 was that donald trump won and they could never allow a catastrophe like that to happen again. >> jesse: this was the insurance policy playing out it wasn't just peter strzok and mueller, they got the feds to go from d.c. to silicon valley and just tamp down any -- any chance trump ever had at re-election. >> that's absolutely right. you know mollie ball wrote that eeinfamous piece. controlling the flow of information. that's exactly what we saw fbi and other agencies going directly to twitter and facebook by the way and reddit and wikipediaened a others telling them you have to censors this content did it through cutouts as well and consequently you had
4:33 pm
election interference on a mass scale via a 57 rat tuesday. >> jesse: you get excited to get scaps and think these guys are going to get cuffed and hauled in? is this going to happen or are we getting our hopes up? >> we are already talking about retroactive here. this is up a pell years old. for the american people, we have some truth here in the sense that a controlled apparatus essentially of the security state has now been taken out of their hands so we're getting some transparency but the accountability part of it, it can't just be house oversight hearings and people getting upset and these people being dragged in front of the house. more than that, there has to be real teeth cogs real power here not just kabuki theater in washington. >> jesse: i feel it's not going to happen. same thing happened with durham, right? >> to your point about durham, how remarkable is this? we have had more revelations about our intelligence apparatus
4:34 pm
violating the first amendment here. hand in glove with silicon valley than we had from the john durham special counsel. what did the john durham special counsel do? he wouldn't touch the security apparatus. they were willfully blind during it. >> jesse: we are always chasing the last conspiracy and then the left marching on with the new conspiracy. by the time we get to the new one it's already been cooked. and we're done. ben, thanks so much for covering the story. >> thanks so much for having me. >> jesse: what do the homeless really want? well, we sent some "primetime" producers to ask them. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: as a loyal fan of "primetime," i'm sure you remember the time we went out and talked to the homeless in new york. >> what do you want to tell mayor eric adams. >> do a good job, bro. you know? help your new yorkers out. in my shelter, it's a whole bunch of homeless people. >> it's not luxurious.
4:40 pm
>> not at all. the shelter system is kind of dirty. >> how do you feel that the migrants are being treated better than you, and you are an american? >> i should be treated better. >> jesse: well, now, let's go to the west coast. karen bass just gets elected mayor of l.a. first thing she does declare homelessness an emergency. which gives her unlimited emergency powers. what do they do? well, it allows her to kick people out of their homes and put homeless people in them. making the people had had homes homeless. i don't see how the math adds up but this also allows her to take over hotel units. watch this. >> you can get 95% of the people housed. people will go. it takes a while. this is getting people to move on their own. but then, after the person leaves, sanitation is absolutely going to have to be there. no question about it. but this is not coercing people. this is not ticketing people or insofar as rating people. this is moving people from tents
4:41 pm
to hotels or motels. >> jesse: is it me or does chuck todd look a little homeless. you thought landlords were bad. mayor bass just crowned herself the queen of all landlords. not waiting for volunteers to give up their homes. she is coming for the taking. while she is at it, she might even come and take this guy's house. >> it's a solid, well, built wooden structure, propped up by metal carts and car batteries. a power cord unplugged trails down the sidewalk which is piled high with assorted power tools and electronics. police did come and talk to the man. they have been here before. they described him as young, healthy, they offered to connect him with services. he declined. they left. >> a lot of the housing programs they offer, they put you in like a what seems like a concentration camp. >> jesse: a concentration camp, exactly. so, is the problem here really a lack of access to shelters? oh, we sent a producer out to the streets of new york and the homeless were not agreeing.
4:42 pm
>> do you want to go a shelter? >> no. they are very dangerous. a lot of them are dangerous. i will sleep in a train station because it's outside is colder. >> where are you sleeping at night? >> on the streets. >> new york has the worst shelters system i have seen. >> i have been raped in shelters and beaten and dragged in shelters. i don't do shelters. >> they just don't have is sense of peace and calm. you are just always on the lookout for something going on. it was just easier and more comfortable to just be on the street. >> jesse: charlie hurt is a fox news contributor. charlie, i never see stories about homeless shelters that are overflowing. yet, i look on the sidewalks, and the sidewalks are overflowing. can you help me figure this out? >> >> well, i think that you're
4:43 pm
homeless correspondents there put their finger right on it. the issue is that these homeless shelters are places where they get robbed. and they get beat up. the problem there is the same problem that we have everywhere in these cities. which is crime. and the victims of a lot of these crimes are homeless people. and so the answer for any intelligent person, who didn't -- who doesn't want to sort of make the problem worse at every turn, is to address the crime itself. which means locking a lot of these people up. you know, karen bass can sit here and say 95% of these people want to -- you know, want to be sheltered, that's not necessarily true. you have got a lot of people on drugs. you have got a lot of people with mental illness and they don't want to deal with those problems for a number of reasons. but, what whatever is happenins only making the problem even worse. on top of all of that you have wide open borders. you have literally millions of more people coming across the border into these very same cities and it's only going to
4:44 pm
get worse. >> jesse: if you were in charge, god help us, but if charlie hurt was the mayor of l.a. or new york, would you go out there and talk to some of these people? i feel like the mayors, the governors never actually speak to the homeless. they just speak to the people that run the nonprofits that say throw me the money. >> no, exactly. and that's the most important thing here. the reason the people like karen bass like these hotel and motel options is because it's massive, massive amounts of money that goes through the state government, through the city government, into their donors' pockets. and whenever a politician gets to control that kind of money, they love it. for them it's a win-win situation. for the rest of us it's a lose, lose situation. >> jesse: you are saying, charlie, you get state taxpayer money. you send it to a nonprofit. the nonprofit steals half of it. and then next election the nonprofit don't united states it back to your campaign. >> exactly.
4:45 pm
that's exactly the way it works. and it always works. that's why liberals love taxes because it all comes through their government and they get to take their cut out of it and then it goes to their friends. that's exactly the way it works. at the end of the day, any answer that decentralizes power and sends power and money back to regular, normal folks in this country is the best solution in every situation. >> do they actually want to reduce homelessness or do they want to increase homeless in so they can raise taxes and spending and get the money washing going? >> no, exactly. and this is the eternal problem. especially in washington. they never -- a problem is the golden goose for politicians. they never want to kill the golden goose. meaning they never want to fix the problem. as long as the problem is there, they get to tax you more. they get to raise more revenue and they get a piece of -- they get their finger in every single pie and so, of course, they
4:46 pm
never want to fix the problem. why would they? would you want a fix a problem? look, you have dedicated your life to saving the world, but you are not really going to save the world. if you saved the world. then your show is over. you have got nothing left to do jesse. >> you got me. i think. >> one christmas at a time. >> thank you very much, charlie. southern border is in shambles, but the white house says joe biden has more important things to do than visit. >> why go to a border state and not visit the border? >> because there are more things going on. >> jesse: what could be more important than the border? "primetime" did some digging and we found out something very important. joe biden was doing an interview with drew barry moore. >> this holiday season it's 2022, we're coming to the close of the year, a good year, a fantastic year, a year with so much hope, so much being able to
4:47 pm
work drew really raked them over the columns. >> would you say that you are a good gift giver to dr. biden? jill's favorite room in the house, do you know what it is? when dr. biden is starving and wants to be a little naughty what snack does she get from the kitchen. if dr. biden has a free friday night? does she want to go out or stay in? if flotus could change one of your habits, do you know what it would be? >> you can tell her anything. she has a backbone like a ramrod. [laughter] >> she does. >> jesse: wait, where i heard that laugh before? [. [laughter] >> jesse: if the tv thing doesn't work out i think drew has a future in politics. interviews like this wouldn't be a big deal if you actually did real interviews sometimes.
4:48 pm
he has only done two national tv interviews with news organizations since july. and for those keeping track at home, i'm not counting his hit on jay leno's garage. and the last time he did one, he malfunctioned like this. >> dr. biden is for it? mr. president? oh,. >> dr. biden thinks that -- my wife thinks that -- that i -- that we're -- that we're doing something very important. >> pete: this is part of the plan. they are just more comfortable with joe sitting down with dillon. >> mr. president, this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning. >> god love you. >> thank you. >> jesse: oh, god love you. well, johnny went christmas shopping for you.
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♪ kick a christmas just six day away, and i'm sure most of you guys are doing the last minute shopping thing if you're like m you need a little help the. we sent johnny to the tanker outlet to lend a hand.
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>> what are we shopping for here ? >> christmas. to get nothing. don't be, don't do this. i don't want to do that. to get beat it at. >> what are we looking for to shop for? gate victoria's secret? ticket no. ticket no, no. to get i'll do it myself. getaway. >> what is your budget this year ? >> i don't have one. >> anything i can get away with. who are you shopping for? >> sister-in-law appeared to she's want something like this? how about this? vintage, so adorable. to get i got the battery tracto that he can drive himself.
4:56 pm
he's going to die. >> i'm sorry to hear that. are you a giver or receiver? >> i am a giver. >> are you trying to tell me something? >> at think you are looking for this. >> like it. ticket that looks fabulous on you. >> what do you want for christmas? >> books. >> how about save the world? ticket you are setting the bar low. to get what you, shall obama? >> armato is when they go low, wego hybrid what are you gettin him this year? get a serial i saw.
4:57 pm
>> is he a serial killer? ticket not that i know of. can i interest you in this? >> no thank you. biden for president, that's a hard no. ticket let's put it on you. i think you look amazing. >> do you? to get this is the worst i ever saw. >> so you are at as seen on tv come at the store in your going to be seen on tv. >> do you have these cracks. >> i don't work your. >> do you know who jesse waters is? ticket no. >> he's on fox news channel and. in remember, that jesus is the reason for the season. oh, that one.
4:58 pm
to get it's just like here at the office when johnny comes by everybody runs the other way. under sunday morning, confession . i watch the soccer. it was the finals and it was better than i expected, there were three goals, by each team, and then they went into shootouts and it was really exciting, not football exciting but it was actually pretty good. so i'm not going to watch socce for another four years, but the next time that world cup is in the united states, so there's going to be a lot of traffic. hopefully i will have a helicopter by then. let's do some text making to messages. from boone, north carolina. when the rest go with jeanmarie six hearing, he goes within a euro. chris, a humble brag about your net neighbors. >> i'm just telling you the fax.
4:59 pm
jerry from salsberry, maryland, jesse, who is the most famous person besides you of course. >> would have to think about it it may be johnny. bruneau forum new orleans, louisiana, rubber when did nero wanted to punch president from? how come mister tough guy didn' punch the burglar? not only did he not punch the burglar, he didn't wake up. daniel from new york, let's blend the homeless in with the illegals, the amenities would b much better. joe from lake tahoe, california. queen of all landlords, she mus think she's the start of a marvel movie or something. you're going to have to leave your house so the homeless can move in. mark from sugarcreek, ohio. that sounds like a nice spot. biden might visit the moon before he visits the border.
5:00 pm
we are going to have some more special christmas stories for the rest of the week. hope you stay with us in dvr they show. i'm trying to figure it out, we had one of those guys come from the geek squad and i think i go it. tucker carlson is up next. on waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ kick it welcome to tucker carlson tonight, the contrast between el paso, texas and whereas mexico has been one of the great advertisements for america and for the american way . they are literally right next t each other. from downtown el paso you can see downtown or is. most people in el paso


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